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广东36选7直播开奖记录:新十萬個為什么(A Thousand Whys)

广东36选7好彩3技巧 www.lruhyh.com.cn   《新十萬個為什么》主要包括九個部分:生活常識、安全知識、自然現象、動物世界、植物王國、昆蟲探秘、鳥類天地、海洋奧秘、科技博覽。內容豐富,構思巧妙,畫面精美。產品從孩子的角度出發,一問一答,簡單明了,易于接受。不但能增長知識、開拓視野,還能培養他們從小養成愛思考、愛科學、愛自然的優秀品質。作品曾獲“中國科普作家協會優秀科普作品獎”,并入選“2015年向全國青少年推薦的百種優秀出版物”目錄。

  The animation has nine chapters: common knowledge of life, safety knowledge, natural phenomena, animal world, plant kingdom, insect exploration, bird world, ocean mystery, science and technology expo. It adopts a Q&A method to explore and solve, which can greatly enrich the children’s knowledge base and broaden their horizon. The animation is listed as the 100 Excellent  Publications Recommended to Young People in China for 2015 and is awarded Excellent Reading Materials of Popular Science of China Science Writers Association.




  About the Author:

  Wang Ling, writer of children's literature, member of the Chinese Writers Association. She has been writing for children in the past 20 years, and has published more than 100 children's books and published more than a thousand fairy tales, children's songs and articles on early childhood education. Her works have won many national awards.

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